You Can't Tell Him Nothing

D Cravo has been putting a lot of effort into his music, especially when it comes to the visuals he pairs with it. It wasnt the smoothest start just like most. Your first music video is never going to be like MTV Jams. Well, that is the case for almost all of us. However, D Cravo has continued to advance with each visual performance. His newest video to single 'Don't Tell Me' shows flashes of the entire package coming together. The video was directed and edited by RobSkatezVisuals. The song is terrific, but before you read our review over the visuals, view the official video directly below. It can also currently be viewed on our home page as the featured video.


Angles people. They are the most important aspect of a video along with B roll. Make sure your director is moving not just standing while you rap looking directly into the lens. This allows editing to have smooth transitions, and you can see this executed to near perfection in the 'Don't Tell Me' video. The angles of D Cravo allow for seamless freeze frame transitions. The editing also goes to the beat. Sometimes you have to adapt your visual editing just like a songwriter would. There is even a part towards the end of the video, where black cuts match up with the beat drop that ultimately brings D Cravo back into frame. We are beyond impressed at the amount of growth both his music and visual has had in such a short amount of time. This is a music video to be proud of. Not only the artist, but also the director.

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