Yes Or No To Boywonder

Review requests have been increasing daily. Today we will be taking a look into Boywonder_ENT's track 'Yes or No' featuring Warren Young. Before reading our review stream the track directly from this blog below!

REVIEW: So as we know Boywonder_ENT is an indie label. However there page does not specify which artist is which. All we know from jump is that this song features Warren Young. Being an indie label in Los Angeles means you must network yourself with efficiency. So before the song, we must say we would like to see Boywonder include more about their artists on their soundcloud page. The cover does say DJ Sha Boogz but we do not want to assume anything about a track when it comes to reviewing it. Now we move to the music.

The song starts with very polished melodic vocals. A few notes are off but overall the singing is terrific. It also has a reggae feel from the singing along with the combination of drums in the instrumental known heavily for their reggae song. Outside of the intro, the notes on the singing parts are abosolutely spot on. The song keeps one path, but the beat allows for their to be a lot of different vocal and melody patterns throughout. The way Boywonder_ENT & Warren Young capatilize on these transitions is flawless. Warren Young even transitions within his verse. He goes from a raspy southern rap sound to a Pretty Ricky grimey singing sound before his verse concludes. All together, the song is structured beautifully. There a few rough spots at the beginning, but the rest of the song makes up for it and then some. We are very impressed by the song 'Yes or No'.

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