..X! Again!

SupportArt executive producer, Yung N ICy, recently started the producer networking platform. It is sad that in hip hop production is overshadowed more than any other craft. Without a beat or samples, the songs we love would not exist. In comes top notch producer, ..X!

He is setting website records with this being his third time as a spotlight artist. For this spotlight it is his track 'Abrax' featuring Sherrod Myrion. Please do not forget that ..X! also raps himself. This song brings forth a feeling of Ab-Soul and raw lyrics expected by artists like Joey Badass. The sample in the song allows for the hook to basically be a great transition instead of a repeated chorus.

Below you can stream the hit and check out the Q&A SupportArt conducted with the artist himself, ..X!

Q: Who inspired you to start making beat?

A: "I'd say it was J Dilla and Flying Lotus for certain. Reading about how people would just grab a box of vinyls to start an album and such was crazy to me. Hip-hop production isnt just making music, its interlacing and feeding the culture of hip-hop so that artists can give clear and clean perspectives."

Q: What style do you enjoy producing the most?

A: "I like multi-sampling, stretching, and lacing in 808s and adlibs. Whatever style that is."

Q: What other skill sets do you have outside of producing?

A: "I rap and write of course. I do design shit. Also a financial magician too technically. Im just one of those people that researches everything before talking about it so I just know how to do a lot of things on some Batman stuff."

Q: Who is an artist you would love to produce for in the underground scene?

A: "Hmmmm, Im really open to work with any and everyone for the most part so I think that one is hard to answer."

Q: What was the best experience you had producing for an artist?

A: Realistically, just hitting SXSW and meeting new contacts, new studios, and spreading a new taste or flavor of productions was the best."

Q: How did the feature on the spotlight song change your method of production?

A: "It was a beat I made by stacking modern 808s with sampled drum loops and melodies from two different songs. I stretched certain parts and cut others to match one another, all while still having a certain swing."

Q: What is your favorite plug-in to use when mastering your beats?

A: "Ozone or Sausage Fattener. Thats a very very hard choice."

Q: Who would you say has been your biggest producer placement?

A: "Man, I cant really say at this point. Im at square one."

Q: Any big things in the works you can announce?

A: "I have a relaunch of my site with new music and visuals in the very near future."

Q: Anything else you would like to add before we conclude your SupportArt Q&A?

A: "I just want to say thanks to all the people supporting and all the people intrigued. So much more art to come."