Winter Going Out In Style

Winter is drawing very close to its end. That didnt stop Free$oulBlock CEO, Aedan Outlaw, from dropping a very well rounded, cohesive, yet slept on project. It was installment three of his 'Winter Vibes' collection. Its songs have found their way into curated playlists time and time again, and one of the stand out songs 'Far Away' even found placement on the rapidly rising underground playlist HighOnInternet. One thing we enjoyed from the project and the song 'Far Away' were the fundemental old school elements that Aedan Outlaw brings to the table with his music. It is a sound we know but that you truly dont hear a lot of anymore. He is setting a different lane. While the rest drop bops, he is taking his craft back to the roots. Follow Aedan Outlaw on Twitter HERE and enjoy 'Far Away' and all of 'Winter Vibes Vol 3' on Spotify directly below. The project can be found on all streaming platforms.