When Its Good, Its Good

Have you ever watched a basketball game where even the ugliest bank shots fall in for a player? Did you see Kobe Bryant drop 81 on the Toronto Raptops? Are you old enough to remember Jordan versus the Utah Jazz in any series? Some artists are the same way. They find their zone and its takeoff. WAVEON is on a hot streak, and if you needed an answer, after just releasing a new single from the album he is not planning on stopping. His latest drop is titled 'White' and was produced by Seismic.

What really brings this hit to life is it being a different vibe for WAVEON. He still maintains his identity as an artist while also getting a deeper, more raw angle. The production helps a lot with that, especially when paired with his elite ability at letting the beat guide him.

Stream his newest single below & also get ready for the debut launch of the clothing for TrackStarSZN!