What A Game Plan Like?

Most artists literally wing it. From the art, to the drops, to the videos, and even to the aesthetic they brand themselves with. One of the biggest key factors in the music industry is branding and marketing. To do those successfully, you must have a plan that has moves mapped out in advance. Now, with that being said, it is never a good idea to try and calculate every move, drop, and feature because this is the music industry. It is good to know what you are trying to accomplish as an artist though... even down to things like what target audiences your cover arts correspond with and which they dont. Finding the balance between all of these factors is how an artist truly shines. AJ Chaka showed us to start this year he had some heat in the bag with his single 'No Worries'. Its clear AJ has a plan for at least the beginning of this year as he outdid himself and gave us an official music video for 'No Worries' as well. AJ Chaka is filled with personality as an artist and by how he brands himself and the music video shows the same shine and keeps the same energy. When you have an artist with as much bravado as AJ Chaka you dont need over the top editing. The video is professional and clean. The rest of the work can be done by an artist with a game plan. That is clearly what AJ Chaka has for this year, and if we know him at all it extends past this year. View the official video for 'No Worries' directly below. Also follow AJ Chaka on Twitter HERE to keep tabs on one of the brightest talents in the underground. You can also find articles from us and more over AJ Chaka from last year that show you the way he mapped out all the way to this point. Until next time, remember to support creatives and stay blessed from us here at SupportArt!