Welcome Back Ward

His name has remained on the roster, but it has been a very quiet 2019 for Psych Ward. Especially considering the EP and plethora of features he released to close out last year. Well, we can now welcome the psycho back itself.

Recently announced, his debut major platforms album (and general release) 'Internal Monologues' is fastly approaching. Set to release May 15th, Psych Ward is bringing forth 12 tracks in what is a completely solo effort including the production.

Psych Ward is a big activist for the LGBTQ movement, and we are also proud supporters so expect a lot on this album as we will witness the internal thoughts of a deeply intelligent intellectual. Below you can stream some of the work that got us all into Psych Ward in 2018 and also view the official tracklist and album art for 'Internal Monologues'.

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CoverArt by L1FEGFX

Official Tracklist

1) Whats Wrong with Ward

2) Horror Show

3) Beware

4) 45

5) Question Everything

6) Lesser Environment

7) Legacy

8) Cant Take It

9) Worthy

10) Faded Fast

11) What Have I Become

12) Is This Real

We wont give much away but you can expect a wide variety of vibes from this album. It is very uniform while straying from the exact definition of uniform.

Stay Tuned!