We Dont Have A Niche

A lot of creatives, whether they want to or not, begin to find themselves trapped within one genre or even sub-genre. Sometimes it is an artist being in their pocket, and expanding on what they know works. Other times, an artist unknowingly begins to make music that blurs together, with no sounds giving their songs a unique flair. Then you have artists and creatives like those that make up the interal roster of SupportArt.

One shining example of the versatility and unique brand that SA is known for is one of their newest members SAYYAS. To say he is a hip-hop artist would be correct and a long reach at the same time. SAYYAS, like a few other core members, has an extraordinary ability to blend genres. SAYYAS is more metal than anything. However, seemingly, he ties hip-hop into his sound along with collaborations with artists from that hip-hop world that make you begin to question what genre his music even is.

That is the key. There is no correct answer. SA alum SAYYAS is our definition of leading yourself without limits. He shows off all the aforementioned on his new album 'Destroying Hip-Hop with Hardcore'. The project is formatted beautifully, featuring a wide range of sounds, genre fusions, and producers including SAYYAS himself. There is one constant that can be found in this album, and within any SA members music catalog, and that constant is the absence of a niche. Our artists push the boundaries daily, and force themselves to do what even they did not think was possible. One clear cut example is a song off of SAYYAS' new album titled 'Lake' featuring B-L1FE. SAYYAS is a metal artist at heart, but on this collaboration he does not bring a metal influence. His verse, and the chorus which is also by SAYYAS are purely hip-hop with a grunge sound. Then the feature, who is known widely, for his trap metal style, is the one who incorporates all the metal facets to the collaboration. Most would think the opposite would happen, or you would at the very least assume both SAYYAS and B-L1FE on a track would be fully metal. Once again, SA throws the change-up. Especially considering B-L1FE didnt just meet the starring artist with bars, but fed off the energy and brand that is SAYYAS himself.

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Here Is A Quick Run Down Of The Album Tracklist

1) Intro

2) Sad Career

3) Reclaim ft. Xela Z Dro

4) Same Grain

5) Coelacanth

6) Screenshot ft. Psych Ward

7) Lake ft. B-L1FE

8) Garbage

9) Nothing Survives

10) Featuring SAYYAS