Wavy Done Right

We have a review that is really exciting for us. The artist we will be reviewing is BranOnTheTrack and his newest single 'Want It All' which was produced by Oso.

Before you read our review stream the song directly from this blog!

REVIEW: This is the first song with the wavy sound that we have heard this year where the vocal effects compliment the song. Most songs with the pop feel and pitch correction sounds blend into the masses because it what most artists are currently doing. However, with 'Want It All', we get a track that the usual actually makes unique and is executed with perfection. The hook is very catchy on top of synth sweeps. Oso's production adds so many different elements to the song and how the bridge and chorus stand out. The pitch correction is so subtle, we are still wondering if any kind of correction was even used. With it being December, this song is a necessity. Instantly giving you the summer good time vibes, this song makes you feel like you are driving with the top down with your friends on the nicest of days. We are very pleased with this song, and we hope to continue to work with Bran as the future comes.

Make sure to follow him on soundcloud and check out the rest of his outstanding catalog!