Watch Closely

After we did our first ever promo package with Atlanta based MC Wavy Banx, it was evident that he was a true talent and a force. People will soon know his name if he keeps up this pace. The music video we covered previously was for his song 'Finesse'. Now, we have a chance to look at his newest single 'Othxr Shxt' and our focus this time is on iTunes. So if you havent yet, go buy the single available on all major platforms. You can also stream the song directly from Spotify below, purchase by simply clicking the purchase link to apple music, and read our review.

Review: Wavy Banx is in a way is night and day when you compare this single to the one we previously covered. Not in a bad way, but just in the vibe the song portrays. He shows, with only 2 singles on major platforms, that he has incredible versatility. With 'Othxr Shxt', listeners get a more wavy Atlanta known tone and vibe. The coverart hit the nail on the head. This is a song you listen to right before you roll some good in a backwood. We are yet again impressed, so make sure yall click the links below. Get ready for much much more coming from Wavy Banx.