Vortex Vibes

You might remember him as X..! if you have been following us for awhile. Now he has reemerged as rapper/producer Xinblack with his new album 'The Abraxian Vortex'. We here at SupportArt are going to give you a one by one review of each song off the ten track album. If you would like to listen along the album is available via Apple Music directly below.


Track 1 - 'Superb'

We expected some heavier vibes considering the aesthetic that Xinblack has branded himself with even while a producer only. His vocals carry a great tone and the beat isnt over complicated. It is a great way to start an album because it leaves a listener wanting more. At about 1:30 into the song there is a nice drop followed by some Otaku punchlines if you are an anime lover.

Track 2 - '612'

Old west coast vibes enter your headphones the second the instrumental hits. The flow is fast and snappy. For a song that only is 70 seconds long, it delivers fully. This is a very on point and quality song. Not only with the content, but with the audio quality. Must listen off the album. Might we add that the snappy flow is on beat and rides the beat to another level.

Track 3 - '851'

This is a polar opposite of what you get when listening to '612'. The beat has a nice mellow vibe with a strong jazz melody that pops through perfectly. You definitely get the Jet Life vibes from every part of this song. Another great listen.

Track 4 - '230'

The 808 is clearly a warning when it comes to Xinblack. Everytime the beat has that crisp 808 that made us love him to begin with, he comes in with a beat driven quick flow that is similar to YBN Cordae. This a deeper track as the lyrics give you some actual facts about this Haitian artist.

Track 5 - 'Oshun'

Let us start with the instrumental is amazing. This song is terrific as well. The delivery is a little loose in points, but this a ride around song. You want this song on full blast as you ride with the team. The bass hitting alone lets you know that. Great job portraying the message and vibe on this song and all the others to this point.

Track 6 - 'STP'

You get another bass driven song with the 6th track, but you also get that mellow Jet Life flow. Merged together you get flashbacks of Cabin Fever in this melody filled song. A bop for damn sure!

Track 7 - 'Cosmic CLock'

Some of our favorite songs by Xinblack are the ones with a slight electronic influences. This is one. The bars are lyrical and then some. The bars are there for this artist. He uses the beat perfectly. After our entire listen, this song was the big standout. It is also properly placed on the album as most hits or best songs are found around track 5 to track 8 of the great tracklists of the past. Amazing cadence switch at the end of this song wraps it up for this being hit.

Track 8 - '400' feat. Sherrod Myrion

Very good song to help wind down the vibes as the album kept climbing in energy. This is the lone feature on the album in Sherrod Myrion, and they deliver with '400'. Not the sound exactly but the vibes remind you of Tyler, the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt old school jams. Great experimental beat also. This song was close to the top for us as well.

Track 9 - 'Yaga'

Its crazy how many vibes Xinblack incorporates into 'The Abraxian Vortex' while maintaining the sonic unison required for a top notch album. Track 9 sees all the vibes get combined. Snappy flows, melodic sweeps, hard hitting bass, and then more. 'Yaga' needs to be on every summer playlist as of right now!

Track 10 - 'Gone!'

A Kato beat is always a good way to end your album. The flow is very different from anything else from the album. It is a nice different approach. This makes us wonder what to expect from Xinblack with his next project or any upcoming drops. So, he achieved the ultimate goal. Get listeners ready to hear more. Lets just say 'Gone!' could easily be played off as a Jaden song. Its excellent.

Overall this album is outstanding and impressive. Outstanding production, vocals, and audio engineer make this a must listen to project.

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