Using Rock To Escape Rock Bottom

Sorry X has just released a new single. This can cause some a slight bit of anxiety considering her wide array of talents as a recording artist. The new single 'Pulling Teeth' shows her take a step deeper into her alt rock roots alongside feature artist Kamiyada+ who really helps put the song into the proper element. We feel both artists truly captured their visions with this song, and we personally know this is one that Sorry X is very passionate about. Her amount of content continues to ramp up as time goes along and it is getting her the attention that is well deserved. She may easily be one of the hardest working artists male or female in any genre of the underground. She has ripped down all barriers and is using the niches developing in hip-hop to showcase what is her true and unique style. Stream 'Pulling Teeth' directly below and also connect with her on Twitter!

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