Using All of the Tools

Yung N ICy is a known name in the underground for numerous reasons. He is the VP and Executive Producer of SupportArt, one of the most revered underground producers, and someone known for his genuine support. One thing that makes our VP such an amazing creative is the mindset he approaches the entire business with. He embodies the SA mindset of always finding and highlighting the silver lining. His marketing has no competition. He can create any sound you can imagine. The man simply gets how he wants to carve his path in this industry and that in itself is half of the battle.

If you go through his catalog or website you are going to hear whats popping in terms of sound. This isnt because he is another producer riding the current wave, but it is because of the amazing business mind he has. He realizes that hip hop especially the underground is a trend filled community. How does a producer eat? They sell beats. The more hip so to say the beats are the more sales. This is where we dare you to go buy customs off Yung N ICy. With just a tiny description, he can deliver any sound or style (even styles that arent necessarily hip-hop) to a startling perfection. He has produced custom trap metal and reggae influenced beats. He has been seen on various underground and mid major artists projects and in 2019 even paired up with Anno Domini and Legion Beats. Right now, you can simply go to his website and sign up to get 5 free for profit beats with a lot of goodies as extras. If anything, you should take advantage of that deal. If you haven't seen his name through the grapevines you will soon.

Whether it is his self marketing, the marketing of his team, or the culture he is uplifting, he is doing it with the right mindset. He is utilizing his tools, and he leaves none left out of the equation. The best part is his willingness to share that knowledge. Most artists want to hide their tips and tricks. Thanks to ICy, many artists are now fully utilizing things like mailing lists and linktrees in the underground. With this kind of approach, the sky doesnt even come close to the limits. Get ready for a big 2020 from Yung N ICy. Also follow him on Twitter HERE and check out his website HERE or navigate his Beatstars directly below. Also check out the clothing line he co-owns if you are in need of truly exceptional underground apparel. The clothing brand is known as MEDITATED MERCH. You can access that site by clicking HERE.