Up The Anti

Our artists do one thing very well and that is push each other. We maintain a family atmosphere that causes our artists to always go harder each and every time. Sometimes due to the natural growth of so much talent in one combined collective. Sometimes because they hear another member of the family stepping their sound up.

With that said lets look at who is part of SA heading into April 2019.





Yung N ICy

Psych Ward

Marc The Prophet




Penny, The Shabba

K. Horror

ynd fuego

Cody James

Deon Williams

Times change, and this also means the talent in the inner core does as well. This time of year we welcome our two new additions ynd fuego and Deon Williams. Both are extremely talented. ynd floods the underground with production and artist content, and Deon just dropped a promo video for his upcoming song which was greeted with cries for the song to be out already.

The other names you may have seen or kept up with during our arrival in the underground. We are still months away from being a year old, but artists like NOTfree, kevspeakstruth, Siroka, B-L1FE, Yung N ICy, Swubby, and so on have become night and day versions of their prior selves. We have a lot we cant explain just yet, but it is time for everyone to hold onto their seats because these talents artists are only going to be pushing the game further.

kevspeakstruth and Siroka have already set 2019 on fire. Both seem to find their sound even more with each passing single. kevspeakstruth started the year with single after single, and he now is set to release an EP which will blow minds. Siroka has not been as active yet. He released a single, '15min', and is currently focusing more into his production skills. It is amazing he hasnt emptied the vault already. CEO/Founder, B-L1FE, has already purchased 10 beats from Siroka. Both artists have a lot to look forward to as we near the summer part of 2019. Siroka's new sound has been showcased by featuring on hit songs 'Dumb' by WAVEON, and 'Same Guy' by B-L1FE. Get ready for Phase 2.

Our producers are so far above par sometimes we forget what par is. Yung N ICy and Siroka are custom Gods. Swubby continues to churn out quality beat after quality beat and offers cheap bundles that are a steal for any and all creatives. Also, as of late, kevspeakstruth has been updating his Beatstars regularly. His production offers a unique and vast variety of sounds.

Artists like Cody James, Marc The Prophet, Penny The Shabba, and Deon Williams do not have big catalogs of music just yet. However, everything they put forth has been a hit. Cody James leads the pack with his hit single alongside St. Louis native, Mvstermind, titled 'All Gas No Brakes' which pulled in almost 80,000 streams across all platforms. Marc The Prophet has given us a few hit singles with 'Pneumonia' and 'One Day' and has plenty more to come. Deon Williams is preparing to drop the single that his promo video was for followed by much more content. Penny, The Shabba made his major platform debut just over a week ago with B-L1Fe in a collab effort titled 'Drown'.

Artists like Psych Ward, wa55up, NOTfree, Sweetbabyjesus, and ynd fuego will look to start or add to their major platform catalogs. The music from the team as a whole has been outrageous. Below you can stream what we consider to be the Top 5 SA Drops of 2019 so far.

1) kevspeakstruth - IDK (Prod. kevspeakstruth)

2) Cody James - All Gas No Breaks ft. Mvstermind

3) B-L1FE - Got Damn ft. NOTfree

4) Marc The Prophet - Pneumonia

5) B-L1FE - Saucy With My Woes ft. AB Sku & LGND Potential (Prod. Swubby)