Up The Ante

Itachi West is back with his new album 'blade calling' and it is amazing to say the least. It has been a decent amount of time since his last EP and the excitement to hear what the trap metal artist would bring was enormous. He delivered and then some with a mix of melodic, almost Lil Peep sounding, songs alongside some trap metal bangers. Its amazing to hear a project that is able to stay uniform while incorporating so many different musical sounds and elements. On this album, also engineering by Itachi West, you get singing on songs like 'goth girl' and some of the hardest trap metal you can imagine with songs like 'Terminus'. One thing that allows Itachi to shine is the fact that he does not place limits on himself. Many trap metal artists find themselves stuck in that niche and are unable to distance themselves from anything not of the norm in that sub genre. Itachi finds a way to bring those elements and sounds into any track he touches. Another great example of that ability was his feature on Psych Ward's last project and also his spot on the SupportArt project which drops at Midnight. Even if a beat seems to lack what an artist would need, he is able to bring it with his vocals alone. His understanding of the beat and mood of a song mixed with that ability elevates him to another level, and that is very apparent by his rising stock in the underground and amongst underground communities. Stream 'blade calling' directly below and follow Itachi West on Twitter HERE. If you like this project, just know that Itachi West has promised feature appearances on his next project which he already has in the works. The preliminary names he is considering would make for stellar music! The future is very bright for this SA alum!

EDITOR SONG PICKS: Terminus & Smoking Alone in My Bedroom