Unlimited Level Cap

R-KNE is a very under the radar artist, but also carries a very sturdy fan base. When we say under the radar, we mean the way him and his entire team conduct themselves. They move in complete silence until the product is ready. If you already knew they are New York City (Brooklyn) residents, it would make perfect sense. In mid 2018, thanks to well marketed and quality release after release, R-KNE began to generate a hefty buzz that carried into 2019. He has thus began to take off, and has opened up his networking to create some very impressive music with several different creatives. On September 6th, we get to see the next level of the NY native as he drops a new single titled 'Unlimited' which will be produced by THR111 Records primary producer LXR111 which you see alongside R-KNE with almost every drop. We, alongside the rest of the ears of the underground, look forward to this next one by R-KNE. Below you can stream some of the recent music and collaborations done by the New York emcee. He is definitely the definition of a lyricist.

Before that, view the official coverart for 'Unlimited'

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