Unique Vibes Mean War

A new artist that we recently heard via his single 'WAR Remix' is Spirit, and in his short time in the game he has precented a flow and sound that are truly one of a kind. You can hear little pockets of your favorite artists in the schemes and tones, but somehow the flow and struture of Spirit's songs wrap around and intertwine even where you think his bars are supposed to break. He does this, especially on 'WAR Remix', without overdoing the vocal performance. He lets the beat guide him better than any artist we have ever covered except Sorry X. It is like every beat was made around a flow he felt inside and put on wax a capella. Listening to more of his catalog impressed. His quality and sound are there. Only big things are coming from this artist new to the game. We hope to cover more of Spirit as he grows as a creative. Listen to 'WAR Remix' and more directly below! You will enjoy these snippets from his soul.