Under The Radar

With all the talent the music world contains, it is simply easy for dope artists to end up without the respect they deserve. To an extent, the music industry is a game of luck and connections. Then you add timing into the picture, and some talent just never grabs the eyes and attention of listeners.

Recently, we put up our top 10 underground rappers. Now we want to give you our top 10 underrated rappers. View our top 10 list below and enjoy their music.

Our next list with be the TOP 10 NEWHEADZ list for artists just entering the industry.

1) K. Horror


3) TripMore

4) Psych Ward

5) FreeSoul

6) Trillbazz

7) Moose T The Host


9) Xanlon

10) Dr. E

We would like to thank all of the above artists for the crafts they have and all they give to the world. You should be clicking the play button a lot while reading this. We would like to add: this is not our only top 10 list. We will continue to represent good music until the very end.