Turnt Like Arizona State

We have two of the most talented artists in all of underground hip-hop in Alphabyte and Zettabyte. They are both solo artists who connected in the past thanks to the state of Arizona. Both will soon be releasing albums, with Alphabyte's album approaching rapidly. A release date will soon be announced for 'Far From Average'. Zettabyte will drop his album 'A Journey Through My Mind' in the short time that follows. Most people see the stage names and immediately think these guys must have grown up together and are also a duo, well that is not the case. The bond was deep but not that deep. Now both brand artists backed by SupportArt, they are brothers. Both have tremendous talent and only improve as each day progresses. Below are the official covers of both albums and the CEO of SupportArt's favorite track from each artist that they have released.

Alphabyte x Far From Average

Zettabyte x A Journey Through My Mind

Alphabyte - 'Trial 111' (Prod. kevspeakstruth)

Zettabyte - 'Godmind'

Zettabyte - 'Godmind' (Prod. Daltino)