Trillbazz Vibes Out

Trillbazz just released an EP titled 'Internal Konflicts' which is fully produced by powerhouse producer Yondo. We are gonna let you stream and then read our track by track breakdown of the newest project from Creatives Only CEO and Florida native Trillbazz.




This is a different take than most of Trillbazz's catalog. He gives you a very wavy track which does compliment the production of Yondo beautifully. This track is perfect for the EP as we get further into the review.


Recurring Afflicition

This song is deadass the N.W.A. vibes fused with Bone Thugs N Harmony. There are break downs where Trill does what track 1 is centered around. The contrast works perfectly and makes the drops back into the rapping segments super heavy and intense. This track is the best we have heard from the Florida artist to date. He is clearly leveling up! Also the content and the outro sequence are outstanding.



Out of all 4 songs, this song delivers the most expected vibe on the production side. Yondo delivers a patented Yondo beat. Again Trillbazz uses the drops to completely change the vibes. The raw bars are an amazing new element to his skill set. If you want a drop in a production to pop, you might want to feature Trillbazz stat! The engineering needs highlighted on this track. It adds so much to the overall feel. The song has the Yondo west coast vibe but also a tech touch that fits in with all the elements Trill brings with perfection. The master of the track is also perfect!



Considering who Trillbazz houses in his collective, and who he has recently been doing work with, we were hoping for a darker song. 'Void' delivers it and then some. Again the engineering is excellent and fuses an edm vocal sound on the dubs that make the vocals stand out very well. The beat is also very melodic but heavy 808 filled which is a nice change from Yondo. This track is also amazing. It was hard to say track 2 was our favorite from Trillbazz because we also had to put it next to track 1,2, and 3.

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