Trials In The Instituion

One of the most unique artists in the game currently, at any level, is SA brand artist Psych Ward. He finds a way to put something new that we havent heard from any artist into each and every song he makes or is featured on. One technique that has always stood out is his use of alliterations throughout an entire bar or sequence.

Yesterday he released his EP 'Trials Of Love And Loss' which was produced entirely by B33stLee. This is a big step forward for Psych as an artist and his career.

He is a brand artist so it is only right that we give you all a full review of the 3 track EP.

Track 1 - The Dame

With this song Logic may lose the title of Young Sinatra. Psych slows down the flow a bit and blends beautifully with the piano melodies and swings that make the beat a focal point. This track is a great, heartfelt setup for the project on Psych Ward and B33stLee's behalf.

Track 2 - Trials of Love and Loss

Psych Ward is a true lyricist. He uses all the tricks up his sleeve on this amazing trick. The gritty sound he comes with makes the song a standout track on the project. Makes sense seeing as how it is the track that shares its namesake with the EP. A great beat makes this an amazing song with low guitar and string sweeps.

Track 3 - Icarus

The beat from the very beginning fits the persona of Psych Ward. Its clear he and B33stLee were about to understand eachother and their own respective views very well. The beat is perfect for the message, delivery, lyrics, and the artist! Inbetween track two and three, we honestly cannot pick a winner. 'The Dame' sets the project up nicely, but then Psych Ward hits back to back homeruns.

Overall, the project is shorter than we would have loved to be able to review. However, we know, and you do as well if you read up on the SA blogs, that this is just a taste of what to expect. This is exciting for any and every Psych Ward fan!

Stream the EP Below