Trial & No Error

We have uncovered so many talented artists this year and we want to end 2018 the right way. So, below we give you our third volume of our blog write up series Top10Underrated. Remember, this will not be the last list and all love is intended to artists included and those who did not make this volume. Below you can see how we ranked our ten poll winners (Twitter) and stream their music directly from here.

Volume 4 will be one small piece of a huge 2019 for us so get ready and follow us closely. Enjoy the remarkable and talented artists we are featuring below.

1) ILL Luminance

2) wa55up




6) Jordan Taylor

7) OnlyNimbus

8) Dragon Rot

9) FarrisGamo

10) Adulthood

This list is stacked from top to bottom with some of the best talents in the underground. They are also all beyond unique. Each of these ten artists have a sight much higher than the sky as their limit.

Until Next Time,