Trailblazing Truth

If you have been following us from the very beginning, you have seen all of our artists transform into professionals. As a brand and as individuals, we pride ourselves on pushing further and progressing each and every day. One artist we consider to be top notch within our camp is Florida's kevspeakstruth.

A year ago, all the talent was there. A year ago, most of the plugs were there in some shape or form. A year ago, you had good music in his catalog. However, towards the end of 2018 kst went into full takeover mode. If you have heard even a few of his 2019 drops you know that he has elevated his craft to the next level. Dropping a wide spectrum of sounds after his debut album, he has captured the ears of all listeners in one way or another. Whether its the R&B vibes of songs like 'Diamonds' or the genius wordplay and melodic masterpieces we are used to hearing from him like 'Gumbo' and 'Bully'.

But his music is only the surface of what this young man has began building. If you have ever read earlier blogs, we push our artists to be their own bosses and expand their own empires. SupportArt is simply a family of creatives. We have held eachother down through all this industry has thrown at us and in our personal affairs. kst embodies this philosophy. Among the many strides we see him making daily, he also started his own record label at the end of 2018. This label has been the supplier of all the great music he has released this year. Speak Your Truth Records is also home to another terrific artist known as R/c. So clearly, kevspeakstruth has been busy. And just to be clear, our artists are starting real record labels. Copywrites and LLC official businesses for all of us continue to grow. Our founder, B-L1FE, also kicked of his record label FAITHxVICTORY Records at the end of 2018 with business partner and SA VP/Engineer/Producer Kaster. So far FAITHxVICTORY have five artists signed. Two being the founders themselves, with the other 3 being ILL Luminance (NYC), K. Horror (Dallas/FT. Worth), and Siroka (Seattle/MNPLS).

However, this isn't the end of what all Kevin Coss has done. He also released his debut music video for the single off his debut album. Now, his sights are set to take over not only his state, but any other state where he is booked. Making trips to Texas and California for shows and meetings. He is a man with a plan, which can be seen clearly by the shine of the Cuban links this industry has made possible for him to wear around his neck. Along with shows at all costs, kst now records primarily in a professional studio with his goal being his first studio album coming in 2019.

But.... we aren't done still. He has revamped his production skills where you can now purchase his works on Beatstars. He has started doing graphic design with the covers for 'Bully', 'NAW FR', 'Diamonds', 'Limitless', and more being done by him. Freelance design isn't something he is looking to venture to at the moment but pushing every craft possible is something he has always prided himself on. When you look at the SA roster, nobody only has one craft. The abilities of each artist only expands with NOTfree venturing into the DJ world, Kay Hopp now working on her production skills, wa55up becoming a huge piece of a Canadian label onyxsound, and B-L1FE with his growing strength in all areas visual adding animation to his resume along with still design, 3D design, and HD videos which are flooding the underground.

One last thing, and we will let him say the names when he is ready. Our very own kevspeakstruth is now under new management. But not any management, but the game changing type of management. Lets just say this Florida kid has now linked up with the kings and queens of SoFlo.

Stream kst's Spotify below so you can hear all the hits he already has given us in 2019. Don't worry, he has drop after drop scheduled for at least the next two months. Daily, he writes a new hit, and nightly he records it in a professional studio. Beware all, the truth is ready to speak!