We are back with another hit filled wake up call. We believe that supporting the underground music community goes much much further than seeing how many engagements we can get on a tweet or Instagram post.

Our first six editions of this list have brought many names up that we now know simply based on their growth and progression with their careers. In some aspects, maybe this list helped them become more known, or it simply helped us begin to watch them and their rise closer. Either way, we plan on shedding light on to new and fresh talent until the day music no longer plays. Below you can view our final rankings for the 7th #Top10Underrated list as well as stream their music directly from here. All of these artists are amazing, and most of them are multi-talented. With that said, please remember the rankings we give in this blog are only for fun, and to all artists that entered or that we havent crossed paths with yet, you are loved!

1) NoType

2) Siroka


4) Drxxdxi

5) Quil Smith

6) Smokey Sanchez

7) Kaster


9) Psych Ward

10) Roe Money