Tomorrow Means Alot

You know what we give you, tiny fragments of the lives we have lived. One thing that ties all of SupportArt together is that we all went through hell at some point in our lives. With that being said, tomorrow will be a heavy day.

Two releases are set to drop.

"Orphan" by Angry Orphan drops on the one year anniversary of losing his father. Even if you have experienced the same loss, you can never really put yourself in the shoes of any other person who experiences that loss. Angry Orphan has done everything one could to survive and now is finding success. Not only as an artist, but also as the owner and founder of his brand ILL MANRD MISFIT. To know his story and then see his work ethic, would change anyone's life.

"Young Legends" by B-L1FE is a eccentric track focused on the loss the music community has experienced lately. Last year, we lost the great Chester Bennington. Just recent... Mac Miller. Losing the guy who made "Best Day Ever" shook the hip-hop community to its core. In "Young Legends", B-L1FE speaks honestly about addiction and suicide while keeping it a non tribute track. This track will be available on all major platforms.

Keep your eyes peeled on Friday and view the official covers below.

Remember if you struggle with suicide call 1-800-273-8255