To A New Level

The back end of 2019 has been stellar for female creative Sorry X. She has risen faster than any time before behind strong singles, collaborations, and visual efforts. She also has set her sights on touring and another remarkable milestones for any artist. Without making this a laundry list, the girl is a sure fire star! To add to an amazing year, she just dropped the official music video for her hit single 'Ashes'.

The song itself is good enough to carry any kind of visual representation, but it doesnt have to. The video delivers! The color grading, stabilization, and angles are astounding. Big kudos go to director Jacob Eldridge who you can follow on Twitter HERE. He captures emotions and tones without Sorry X having to necessarily portray them. In a song as deep as 'Ashes', this is a must to not have a bizarre over the top video. Sorry X as a person is very mild mannered when it comes to the underground. She says only what needs said, and in a way this video carries her character and demeanor. She is herself and it is in that element that she shines and will continue to shine. We hope you are ready for another glow up from Sorry X as you can view the 'Ashes' Music Video directly below. Also follow Sorry X on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE because 2020 is looking like a very busy year for this powerhouse!

Also enjoy a trip to her website while you are with us!