Throwbacks Need Love Too

RVLA has been a SupportArt artist for almost one year now. To even take a step back and see that it is 2020 and we began our journey in the summer of 2018 is honestly surreal. RVLA has spent more than a year getting numbers on major streaming platforms. He has been an artist with a following on streaming services like Apple and Spotify since 2016 with growth in every category each year.

2019 showed a different release method by RVLA. Singles filled the releases from him for the year and he focused more on visual content to pair with the one-of-a-kind music he already had in his personal catalog. The visuals are the focus of his current marketing, but we recently talked to RVLA and he says 2020 he is fully focused. 2019 was an odd year with some personal things... not issues but just stuff like moving. However, with so much noise behind the scenes he did deliver some marvelous singles with features from artists like GYLE and B-L1FE. Also, he made many appearances on others' projects like his collective's debut various artists album 'The Purple Tape' by SupportArt where he appears twice on the songs 'Change' and 'Dreams'. He also appeared on B-L1FE's newest EP that dropped in December 2019 on the song 'Snakes' which was produced by fellow SA alum SIROKA. Additional 2019 guest appearances by RVLA include 'Pain' with Foreign Hype, 'Mood Swings' with former SA alum OnlyNimbus, and the SupportArt one year anniversary track 'ATLAS'. The anniversary track is a SIROKA track (also produced by SIROKA) and featured B-L1FE, Psych Ward, Quil Smith, NOTfree, Fat Daddy J, Penny the Shabba, and RVLA himself.

However, the spotlight we are shining on one of our brightest stars is a release from early 2018. His song 'Kole' is a song that means a lot to him and is a response from his following he will never forget. It is one of the most melodic RVLA songs that is out and a truly different representation of him as an artist. It carries the same vibe and aesthetic, but this one is truly deeper. That says a lot when it comes to an artist considered to make "emotional" music. Stream 'Kole' directly below on Spotify or find it on any streaming platform including SoundCloud. Also follow RVLA on Twitter HERE to keep up to date on new music and visual content that he has coming.