Throwback Vibes

JodieXO is the highlighted artist of this write up. In particular, we are focusing on his song 'MISUNDERSTOOD' which is produced by Yung Pear. Stream the song directly below and enjoy our brief wrap-up review.

JodieXO delivers a raw sound that reminds us of the nineties. This makes this single stand out when there is no pitch correction or the same recycled melody within the beat that is currently flooding the genre. The raw raspy voice this MC has makes the delivery and vibe of the song resonate even more. Yung Pear does an excellent job of not over complicating the beat and allowing the song to manifest itself.

In terms of lyricism, JodieXO talks his stuff while giving us hard hitting lines filled with facts. Its almost like a rebirth of Dipset and all the great musical creations they brought us. Mix in a little Jadakiss, and you have a general vibe that you will find in this single.

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