Through Houston's Eyes

The ability to see aesthetics in a cohesive way that creates art is a coveted ability. Most that truly possess it question it. Those who don’t possess it seem to make it even harder to find and highlight those stuck in places of self-doubt, or those who are overlooked by the industry their medium is represented by. We want to highlight all forms of creatives. Here at SupportArt we do truly believe that there is much more than just music being created, and there is much more than just music that inspires us. One creative that took social media by storm almost overnight is Houston native photographer Cameron Reed who has branded himself as CAMVISUALART, and we got the chance to ask him some questions to see how the mind of a photographer compares to a musicians’, and what influences are similar between the two. One thing that is known, CAMVISUALART is a brand you know the minute your eyes see his work.

Q: People who know you... know you! Your work has that much power in it. We hope this article draws more eyes to your work, but this question is geared a little more to your already established fan base. When did photography transform from a hobby to a craft for you?

A: “About a year ago. At first, I just picked up a camera and started to make videos. I did that for awhile, but I got bored and moved to photography. I just loved the way the still images looked, and I stuck with it and got better as I continue to do daily. Now, a year later, I’m here answering questions asked by platforms such as this one."

Q: Houston is a primary element for your photography. What does the city mean to you, and how does it shape your art?

A: “Its my home. The people and the culture here are special. OUr art is special, and we are a rising city with creatives everywhere. There are a lot of upcoming rappers and models here, so with me being a photographer I get the chance to capture these people. That in itself turns into something more than just photos. It is art.”

Q: What indiviual from Houston would you say inspires you the most?

A: “Travis Scott. Its just how raw the music is, and how he puts on for Houston. However, I feel I can get inspiration from anyone. Art isn’t planned. Its like stars align.”

Q: What is your end goal with photography and as a creative?

A: “To be the best that ever was, and to spread a message that can impact a lot of people would be the end goal. Also, I want to move to mediums like fashion and movies in the future.”

Q: What fashion icons influence you, and what icons in the movie industry would you say influence you.. Or inspire you?

A: “I will give three influences: Gunna Stahl, Raycorruptedmind, and Jordan Peele.

Jordan Peele is now highly known for his masterpiece film ‘Us’ that some have declared the best horror film of all time."

Q: What upcoming clients are you most excited to be working with?

A: “I would say all of them really. I havent met anyone yet that is just outstanding or has major ties to fashion or art. I enjoy shooting with all my models. They are all extremely talented people.”

Q: Aesthetics are important to visual artists. What colors would you say make up your favorite pallette?

A: “I use red, green, and blue. The green blends in to a lot of my background scenes. Also, with black and white skin tones it brings a smooth look to them. It also can bring out the saturation or vibrance in colors like orange. The red and blue can either also bring out vibrance or make objects pop more. A lot of my pallette depends on what colors are in the still image. I play off those colors.”

Q: As someone we would consider a professional, what camera do you prefer to use for still shoots?

A: “I prefer Cannon. I use a Rebel T6, and I would like to one day get an upgrade. At the very least having an alternative would be nice in addition to this one I have. However, as many great photographers say, and I say as well, you can have any camera and still make good art. It is all about how you use it which is the true key.”

Q: Seeing as how you started off with photography in a professional manner, what have your ventures into the world of music videos been like so far?

A: “It has been good. Im starting to shoot my own videos soon. It is important that when you start getting money for music videos you return a high quality product to the customer. You want them to be good because it is your reputation on the line every time. I wanted mine to be done right, so I held back. Once Im ready to go I will start putting my services for music videos out there because I already have people asking me if I do them.”

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your time with us here at SupportArt?

A: “New art coming soon. Big shoutout to SA and their team. Also, a shoutout to my real day one people, and my supporters. Thank y’all so much. Much love.”

Clearly, Cameron is a man with very little words. This is often the case when imagery speaks everything you could possibly want to say for you. Enjoy some photos taken by CAMVISUALART below.

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