This Friday Will Be Frigid

We gave you guys a sneak peek into the elements that will make up Cody James' newest single 'Frigid' which we now know will be hitting all streaming platforms this Friday. You can find that article in the blog section of our website where there is a lot of Cody James content to hype you up for this Friday.

To do you all one better, we got with the creative himself to ask questions about how is time away from music in 2019 helped him get here, about the single, and about what we can expect far after this Friday. Enjoy our Q&A directly below. Also follow Cody James on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE for by the minute updates. If he even comes close to 2019 it is nothing but big things ahead for the Midwest based artist.

Q: How did the time away help improve your sound and you as an artist?

A: "I took the time off because I felt like I was trying to mold myself into what people around me wanted me to become now what Cody James himself wanted to be. I had to get a mental refresh for me. I had to find who I was as an artist and as a person. I think just having a fresh state of mind and coming back after reflecting will inspire growth itself. Also I had time to learn where I went wrong and how to avoid those events or situations from happening again. I basically had to find a healthy balance, and along with that came a clear mind and the ability to tap into my artistry and improve everything from my writing to my delivery to my cadence and how it can draw people in. I made sure I was around artists.. artists I looked up to just to soak in info while I was not actively making music. It turned out to be super beneficial."

Q: What vibe would you call 'Frigid' and what does it showcase that one of your previous content does?

A: "'Frigid' is definitely just a feel good vibe out type of song. I think it showcases my ability to really paint pictures with my lyrics. It is something I have always been able to do but I feel like I am much better at it now. It definitely just ties together all the things I have been able to improve on by taking time off. It shows that I have improved my craft."

Q: What inspired the topic of taking the perspective of a man in the club chasing a woman?

A: "I get inspired in weird ways. I see yall trying to get me in trouble here, but the topic and song came from my home boy telling about this girl that he was basically in love with from a distance. How she was this basic in the clubs all of the time type of chick, and I just kind of flipped the situation as if it were through my eyes."

Q: What was the biggest lesson 2019 taught you in terms of the business side of being a recording artist?

A: "The biggest lesson I learned was create daily. It is as simple as that. No matter what it is: freestyling, poetry, writing a hook, etc. Also I learned to take your mental health serious as well. You cant expect to have a healthy career with an unhealthy mind. Business side of things, I learned how to connect and network, and to always come to the table with some kind of dish. You never want to come to the table empty handed. I built a lot of dope relationships by just leading with my person and not leading with my music."

Q: After the drop Friday what can fans expect from you? A: "Fans can expect a little something different from 'Frigid'. A different style in a sense. There could even be a project or two. Im just really trying to build this vault of music and follow it."

Q: As an artist, do you feel regular single drops or projects build your fan base quicker?

A: "I feel singles really build the fan base quicker and projects are for that fan base that has already been developed. How many artists that you aren't fans of do you go bump their entire album. Answer is most likely none. You hear artists through a hit single or a feature."

Q: Do you have any big features lined up like your collab with Mvstermind last year? A: "Honestly no. I think I really learned that musically I can do anything I set my mind to. I really just want a nice catalog of Cody James with no features on my J Cole 'Forest Hill Drive' shit. I feel so much better when a piece of my art is just me, but at the same time I'm not going to be closed-minded. As of now though there are no big collabs. None are needed."

Q:Will 2020 be the year people finally do get a full Cody James project?

A: "Most definitely. Im working to get it where I want it. Im not in a rush but 2020 is a deadline for me personally to get a full project out to the fans."

Q: What do you have in the works as far as live performances go?

A: "I have a lot of open mics that I will be attending just to continue to spread my work and my name. Also some opening acts that I will announce as they need to be announced. Other than that just working on my stage presence and perfecting some things that me and my team think need improving has been my focus in this area."

Q: You have referenced your team often in our discussions and reviews. Who does your team consist of?

A: "My team is really just me and some of my homies that I go to when I need critique. Fellow artists, my engineer, and my support system itself really. I love all of them."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt? A: "Man, I would really just encourage everybody to do whatever in the hell it takes to make 2020 a great year. Have no fear, dont hold back, and work your ass off."

Before you go you can stream the music video for 'All Gas No Breaks' by Cody James featuring Mvstermind directly below!