There Was One Guarantee... Good Music

Here we are again. Jordan Taylor releasing good music has become a normal occurrence. His fanbase has nearly doubled since we first covered him and for very, very good reason. Yesterday, he did it again. This time he put out four new tracks on an EP titled 'No Guarantees'. One problem with the title, when he releases music it is guaranteed to be good! Stream the project directly below and then our review over each song one by one.

Track 1) Meet You

REVIEW: If you seemingly blend with the beat, you are doing it right. Some artists dont do enough, and some artists do way too much. Jordan Taylor excels at giving what the music allows him to get, and he shows it again with 'Meet You'. The instrumental seems to compliment his delivery and vice versa. We really loved the chorus on this song. One listen and it will be stuck in your head. Great way to start an EP!

Track 2) Real Bad feat. Alo

REVIEW: This song is an entire vibe by itself. If track one was the nice date, track two is then the night cap. Use whatever word you want to insert here: hit, slapper, bop, etc. Add to Jordan Taylor's excellent approach to the song a feature that is on point by Alo, and you have a hit and then some. Probably one of our favorite songs to come out of the underground this year in general!

Track 3) On My Line

REVIEW: This beat went hard! Jordan keeps the overall vibe of the EP intact with a nice bass filled wavy song. The drops on the beat along with some small engineering tricks make this song stand out, and it breathes life right back into the project. If any listener was about to move on, this song got their attention back.

Track 4) Commitment

REVIEW: The lyrics go full sexual on this song as they should. The tracklist was perfectly plotted. The delivery and approach is more raw than the rest of the EP, but it helps it stand out as the climax of the EP. A great project closed by a good song. Out of all four, this song may have stood out the least, but as a project... this one will be on repeat for awhile.

Overall a very solid project by Jordan Taylor who can follow on Twitter HERE

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