The Wounds Within

We generally cover other artists and brands outside of our own team unless it is a day full of fire drops from our artists like this past Friday. With that being said, we are going to put a little bit of light on the EP 'The Wounds Within' that drops November 15th from B-L1FE and producers Yeoj and Ocho VIII.

The EP is a different tone than what all of hip-hop is currently doing. It is heartfelt and at times might be a different genre. The summary is simple. Its an artist just letting their feelings out about how the industry and life is affecting them. This is a rare direction when in this day and age we still see music videos with girls dancing in bikinis and a clear pool which is obviously a rental property.

The tone does have some amped up vibes towards the end of the tracklist, but the project was a release for B-L1FE. He is a man constantly busy and a focal image of the underground. Dealing with not only being an artist, but also dealing with the politics of the industry takes its toll on everyone who comes face to face with it. This project shines a light on that and how musicians still have personal affairs that cannot always be gucci or good.

On the producer side, they are the reason the project ever came to this point. Yeoj and B-L1FE had decided to make a 3 track duo EP at the same exact time Ocho VIII sent 2 beats geared for B-L1FE's sound. Loving the work of both producers, B-L1FE asked both to come together and make a 5 track EP. One thing all of SupportArt stands for is credit and support for producers. They are the reason we can make the music we make. Yeoj has extensive placements already in his young career, and Ocho VIII is one of the best new upcoming producers in the underground. Both are producers you should be following and checking out.

Official CoverArt


1) A Little Time (Prod. Yeoj)

2) Cared More (Prod. Ocho VIII)

3) Apologize ft Yung Art (Prod. Yeoj)

4) Stop Thinking ft Zettabyte (Prod. Ocho VIII)

5) Why (Prod. Yeoj)

Below You Can Listen To Works By Both Yeoj & Ocho VIII