The Title Matches The Drapes

Okay so we hope our readers and supporters are smart enough to catch the cleverness in the title. We are not going to take the entire paragraph to explain that to you. Young, rising artist WAVEON has yet again dropped a hit from his upcoming album which is building up buzz and quickly becoming one of the most anticipated drops in the underground in 2019.

His latest single features SA alum Siroka and is titled 'Dumb'. If you did catch the joke in the title of this write up, then we really dont have to say anything else. The song is amazing, just like every other single off WAVEON's album. The addition of Siroka adds for a verse filled with changes like you wear hearing a hip-hop audio version of SAW. WAVEON delivers with his trademark catchy hook followed by solid verses. The kid has some of the most on point deliveries around. It is clear the track, which was produced by Urbs, was an easy collaboration as both artists seem to feed off eachother and take their respective games to the next level.

Stream 'Dumb' directly below and make sure to click each artists attached hyperlinks. If you are one of our slower readers, a hyperlink is the blue highlighted text that takes you to a place where you dont need roads. Okay, we are done with the witty puns. For now.