The Standout

Early in 2019, we got the chance to do a Q&A of a Florida based artist that goes by Chris Vintage. In that interview, we found a rare voice. An artist that had been confining themselves to create content deemed radio ready by the industry. Chris Vintage was an amazing hip-hop artist, but unlike most, he followed his creative inspiration. That meant a slight genre change. Now we have an indie/pop sound that is so unique that it can stride through genres only like the music of Ed Sheeran. Chris has put this new sound on full display, in many ways, with his newest single 'Lost in the Crowd'. Not only is on display and available on all streaming platforms, but it also has a billboard currently up which a video of was released yesterday by The Daily Ooze. Its clear from the cover art aesthetic to the 8bit, Stranger Things sample that Chris is being Chris. Chris is being a visionary. Chris is no longer writing bars of what he thinks will appeal to others. Now, he is delivering lyrical works while still having the same energy that makes you instantly attracted to him when he is on a stage. Add the bonus of a feature appearance by Tony Barbie to boot also. The way the artists are complementary is something that only chemistry and true artistry can engineer. The new song is amazing. There are not comparisons to other artists because all those claims would have to be fraudulent. We suppose that means Chris Vintage accomplished the mission that he called a "long process" early this year. We hope this song is the perfect addition to everything you are currently on as much as it did for us and those who have come across it. Stream Chris Vintage's new single 'Lost in the Cloud' directly below on Spotify or you can find it on any major streaming service. Also follow him HERE on Twitter so you can keep tabs on the creative himself, see the 'Lost in the Crowd' billboard, and more!