The Sound Of Perfection Inside Of Imperfectionism

One artist that you may not be completely in tune with from our roster is wa55up. He is one of our leaders in SA as our creative director. His artwork is very well known, but his music may have been unnoticed. He made sure to change all of that November 20th with the release of his 2nd album. The album is titled 'Imperfectionism' and is the first volume in his ADHDigital series. Why digital? We wouldn't throw wa55up into the rapper category. The Canadian based creative draws inspiration from all over and Daft Punk happens to influence his sound strongly. It reflects in a very unique sound that goes from electronica to hip hop to chord heavy guitar melodies. Yes, he is the one playing the guitar in his songs. He also credits B.B. King and others as inspirations to his sound. The cover of Led Belly, his first album, is actually multiple Easter eggs all in one character.

The newest album however is a step above anything he has done. There is a new sense of confidence. You hear it in every facet of his arrangements. His marketing for this project was stellar. The visuals, if you saw them, were also created by wa55up. He has no limits as a visual artist, musician, producer, engineer, and animator. To even think he is slept on is kind of crazy, but it seems to happen to the absolute best. We and whoever presses play below can only agree with our assessment.

Follow wa55up on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE to see more beautiful art and keep tabs on when more of this fusion of multiple genres is going to bless us. In a rush? Our editor picks off this project would be 'Surreal', 'paperdreams', and 'Up All Night'. 'Cloud' featuring fellow SA member Zettabyte is also an outstanding song. Not a single track of the ten fall short of expectations... they only exceed. Stream 'Imperfectionism' directly below!

CoverArt Credit: wa55up