The Silence Ends

We have had our eyes at a new artist for quite some time. Whether you have or have not heard of Why Silent, it is time to pay attention to the unique progressive artist. He has recently been on a streak of major platform releases that show his unique style and versatility, with songs like 'Last Night' and 'Shoot'. These songs showed off the gritty sound he has with lyrics that come directly from the heart whether they are dark or lively.

Now he is about to hit hard with his EP 'Winter Boy' which will be a four track release on all major platforms. The tracklist only includes one feature, SupportArt's CEO B-L1FE who also engineered the entire project, and three solo tracks by Why Silent that have a little bit of everything. Harmonic singing, guitars, and much more are packed into four songs. The best part is how beautifully it all blends together.

The tracklist for 'Winter Boy' which drops December 20th is as follows

1) Her Nightmare featuring B-L1FE

2) Love Me

3) Winter Boy

4) Freak

Only one of the four songs is out which served as the single for the EP. Stream 'Her Nightmare' ft B-L1FE below on Spotify. The rest you have to wait for until the 20th of December. Until then, spread the love and dont be silent!