The Sights From Florida

Lets cut straight to the point. The visuals that come along with the hit songs currently being released consistently by Lakeland, Florida's DreLee863 are fantastic. They are professional quality. They make you feel like its the message filled videos we remembered on MTV as a kid. They compare to visuals we saw with mainstream projects like 'Daytona'. The kicker? DreLee863 is also the one who comes up with the concepts for his visuals. That makes his newest video for his hit single 'Suffocate' so powerful. You can not only hear the pain in the song, but you can now sense it via the visuals. It is a very powerful piece. The scenes where Dre burns his ex's belongings was actually something we covered in our first ever audio interview. He said a lot of his camp was against it, but he still wanted to do it. It carried something with too powerful of a voice to him to ignore it or not have it happen. Cheers to the sunshine state, the town of Lakeland, and DreLee863 for another terrific song and music video. Stream 'Suffocate' below and also view the official music video which DreLee863 JUST RELEASED!