The Right Way To Return

One artist that has been on our radar and within our part of the community since the beginning is Edinboro, PA native Dusty. We discovered him via connections with Drizztopher Walken, and he was a shining star in 2018. With this year being silent so far, he came back to the forefront in a big way. One of those ways is with a single produced by our very own Penny, The Shabba titled 'BE ME'.

The beat is beautiful and takes you on what feels like a slow winding journey where Dusty them imposes some of the bigger questions and challenges we all face on a daily basis. He does a great job of adding new elements to his vocals and the engineering to help keep the song from sounding flat on such a slow, dormant beat. This is a beat you would expect a weed song to, and Dusty transformed it one hundred and eighty degrees. Stream 'BE ME' directly below.

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