The Reboot Of Cody James

He is not brand new. You may have heard something from his catalog prior, but we guarantee you have heard nothing like his new release. Cody James is only one day removed from the release of his single 'All Gas No Brakes' featuring Mvstermind, and we here at SA are honored to be the ones doing the press release along with asking the artist some questions about himself, this project, and future projects.

View our Q&A with Cody James below, and make sure you press one of the play buttons or the fan link to listen to the hit song.

Q: How did the single 'All Gas No Brakes' come about and was it always intended to be your push into the forefront of the industry?

A: "AGNB was honestly something me and Mvstermind had in the works and talked about for a few months. I reached out to him after being showed his music by my engineer, and I knew I had to get on something with him no matter what. Honestly, after I wrote AGNB, I had a special feeling about it being my premiere into the industry."

Q: How would you say the rest of your music sounds in relation to this single?

A: "Each song previously released has been a showcase of my lyrical abilities. I wanted to do something different and show Im more versatile than I've shown in the past. I wanted to give something to people that they could work out to, play in the car, play at bars, etc. This song is so different from the rest of my catalog. Its my favorite piece of art I have produced to this point."

Q: What can you tell us about your upcoming EP?

A: "'Explorations into a Co$mic Soul' is really just showing who I am in music form. Its me really justs being transparent and free."

Q; Do you currently have any other collaborations in the works?

A: "Right now, I have a collab that's hopefully going to get put on the EP as long as everything goes as planned with another local artist whose craft I think the world of, MUD. He is a very lyrical rapper who actually just released a project of his own."

Q: What inspires you to this day to chase your dream?

A: "All of my inspiration comes day to day. My fans, my supporters, my circle, my town, etc. The 618 fuels me beyond what can simply be measured."

Q: What is the big plan or end game with the single? What outlets and platforms could we expect to see it showcased on?

A: "My goal for the single is to apply pressure and make the ones that were doubting me fans. The single is already available on everything. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tidal, SoundCloud, etc. We just have to wait and see where else it pops up."

Q: How important is it as an artist to invest in your career?

A: "Investing is key. If an artist is reluctant to invest in themselves, they're not confident in their craft."

Q: When will the music video for 'All Gas No Brakes' be out?

A: "The music video will be OUT this spring. The closer we got the more I will be able to give away."

Q: Will there be any more singles off the EP dropping as of right now?

A: "As of now, there will not be anymore singles off the EP. I don't wanna give away too much of the ingredients to the sauce I got coming."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Simply, be expecting big things. Its time to put the city on!"