The Pre Roll

Sorry X is one of the brightest stars the underground has. Every song she drops speaks volumes about her commitment, growth, and wide array of talents. Now she is getting ready to release her second EP on January 31st, 2020, which is titled 'Lost in Translation' or L.I.T. for short. It will consists of 5 tracks (one being the single 'Even Stevens' which features Original God), and only has two features... one being the aforementioned Original God and the other will be a surprise as the project is released.



1) Subject To Change feat. [INSERT SURPRISE FEATURE]

2) Changed My Mind

3) Kiss My Wrists

4) Even Stevens feat. Original God 5) Seven Seconds

Sorry X stated that this EP will be a blend of heavy alternative rock and melodic rap. It isnt a stretch from the sounds we are used to from her, but we are excited to see exactly where she goes with the two polar opposites. She is more known for her singing than rapping, but it could be possible that her bar game is put on display. She also let us in on a fun fact. This will be her first EP that has dropped all together of course outside of the single. Her first EP, 'All Grown Up' was released one track at a time. She feels her marketing and herself as a brand is now ready for this more professional approach. She hopes this project gives listeners a glimpse into her world as what we can expect is a very personal project. Make sure to follow Sorry X on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE. You can also enjoy plenty of content to get you hype for the 31st directly below. Sorry X has no shortage of absolute hits. She also has moves already made well into 2020 and has recently announced participation in touring and more coming very, very soon.