The Next Step

Many wondered what was next for WAYV WRLD artist bbyking after hearing his EP, and a new style change is what we are granted as he leaked 'Late Night 2' which was produced by Enks. There is more of a rap influence in his style now, and combining it with the melodic style he already had is a powerful combination. The rapping from bbyking also carries a deeper tone which is a beautiful contrast from his higher singing voice. This is a rare find all within one artist.

If this leak is any indication, we are in store for a lot more great music from bbyking. He has focused a lot on a slight rebranding phase that led to his amazing EP which we covered. Along with what and who people see, he is also changing what they are hearing. Other single and WAYV WRLD tracks he has dropped have also showcased the growth in his style and as an artist. Its amazing to see an artist bridge their own internal gaps. Some may have once referred to bbyking as a Lil Peep sounding artist, but now with his new flow its like having Lil Peep, Lil Baby, Gudda, and DaBaby all in one. Another new single of his, 'Pure Codeine ft. Weebay', highlights all the sounds he now has under his own belt. It is another must listen to song along with 'Addicted/Tech' which like 'Pure Codeine' was produced by woodpecker.

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We here at SupportArt are certain this artist and the amazing team at WAYV WRLD have plenty more in store as we approach the new year!

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