The Hits Arent Farsighted

North Dakota emcee Kid Vision recently released his story filled album 'Farsighted' on April 5th. Upon listening, we knew we had to sit down with the artist responsible for such a great project. So, in his own words Kid Vision will describe this project, and you can read our Q&A with him directly below. Make sure you also stream the album which is also available directly from this post.

Q: What does 'Farsighted', your debut album, mean to you as an artist and why?

A: "'Farsighted' means everything to me. This is my first commercial release so everyone is going to know my style after a listen. I show a very creative side of me since this is also a concept album. Each track represents a stage of everyone's life. There are skits scattered throughout the project where my dying friend is telling me his life story. The storyboard angle we went with is very powerful, and because of this, each song is very relatable to anyone listening. My word play and my flow allows the album to be very re-playable because the listener will catch something new every time they listen."

Q: Was this project a solo project as we have seen a rise in popularity in or are there collabs to be expected?

A: "11 out of the 17 tracks are solo. I thought this was the perfect ratio because I wanted to showcase Fargo's diverse sounds. No one has really made it big out here in North Dakota. Everyone I feature is a good friend of mine, so the sound and chemistry brought to the table is always so great! David Hoeschen is the voice actor that I had come in and record the skits. His name is on a lot of the solo tracks. My best friend Gabriel Prince produced 15 songs on the project, and Way Boy produced 'Infancy' and 'Dedication'. Those people were vital to the project and the message it carried."

Q: So, with 'Farsighted' out, where do you go now? A: "Similar to my reasoning about having so many local features, I plan to collaborate more with some local artists and take a break from the solo work. We might even do an album consisting of all the artists I've come to know in the area."

Q: Which song off the album is your personal favorite and why?

A: "The title track is very special to me because it is a true stroy about one of my best friend's life. This track is what inspired the entire album. Karly added so much to the track with her harmonies, and the drums hit so goddamn hard at the end. Its hard to pick a favorite though because these songs are like my children. You cant love one more than the other."

Q: Would you describe the process of making an album fun or frantic, or is it a combo of both? A: "I only make music when Im inspired to create something with a concept. Making projects or songs with a concept is what I live for. At first, I told my producer that I wanted to create a huge project with each song representing a stage of life, and it was a bit overwhelming. However, every time I made a song, I could see the puzzle coming together. This album was a lot of fun to make, and I didnt have a deadline so it never felt frantic."

Q: What do you think will be the theme of your next solo project?

A: "My friends and I have been joking around with a possible 'Nearsighted' album. The truth is, I havent thought that far ahead. If I were to have another solo project, I'd want it to be yet another concept album with a story line. Who knows, maybe I will just drop a mixtape full of bangers before another album."

Q: What artists would you say you work the best with in terms of collaborations?

A: "I work best with artists that can grasp the concept and emotion I am going for in a song. The song 'Adulthood' that I have with Jac is a perfect example. He added so much to the song by allowing me to go back and forth with him like it was a conversation. His flow fit the laid back feel perfectly. So, its not really what artists but the concept itself."

Q: What artists do you hope to work with before the end of 2019?

A: "I've grown to be good friends with Ruch Tha Rapper, and I see so much potential in this kid. He is starting to get very conceptual with his music so I believe there could be a good collab between the two of us coming up. Dank Notes Entertainment is about to take over Fargo, and Im affiliated with most artists in their squad. There are many possibilities for collaborations this year. I guess time will tell. I also want to give a shoutout to my man Truth who has been collabing with me recently and did not end up on the album."

Q: Who are your favorite underground producers?

A: "As an artist, I really dont branch out and look for beats from producers. To be honest, I can only name producers that I know personally. Obviously Gabe Prince is at the top of that list because he basically produced the entire album, and his improvement since we began working together has been off the charts. My friend Jordan Tacker aka JT Drums is the greatest trap producer I have come across. Also, Durow produces everything himself, and at some of the stuff I have heard from him blows my mind."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "I havent mentioned it, but my brand is all about spreading a positive message about the future. My motto is to be kind, be positive, and block out the negatives. You'll have haters no matter what. It just depends on how you deal with them. I believe the Fargo music scene is going to really start blowing up here in the next couple years, and I hope one day I can say I started this wave!"

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