The GOAT You Sleep On

SA has some of the best artists, underground or not, in the world. The sounds the team have been putting forth have mainstream quality. If you wonder why, the answer would be thanks to the Lead Engineer for our team, Penny the Shabba. He is not only the reason for a lot of the top shelf quality via his superb mastering, but he is also an emcee with a genre blending style along with beats that bang.

In terms of mastering, he offers great pricing, and a rare service. Right now, he currently has 5 more lifetime mastering deals available. One price, every song of yours or that you appear on he will master. Our CEO himself bought the lifetime deal and thanks to the mastering of Penny, B-L1FE's sophomore album '6/6/6' continues to accumulate buzz. The project in whole has always surpassed 10,000 streams on Spotify, has been highlighted by magazines, blogs, and underground brands, and is the main factor that helped him reach a spot on the first ever Underground Freshman List.

We can simply show you him as an artist because he self masters all his music. He also has mastered projects for Psych Ward, B-L1FE, Don Gady, Know ART, Fat Daddy J, RVLA, kevspeakstruth, Cero Supreme, Watty, Dusty, Tucan Sam, Daym, Grandzow, SIROKA, TBElijah, and more!

Stream some of his music and projects he has engineered directly below!

Also follow or contact him for mastering on Twitter HERE