The Catch 22 w/ CatchTwentyTwo

We have said repeatedly that we do not only cover hip-hop or more so rap. We are open to help all forms of creativity including any genre of music. One name that we have been seeing with a lot of frequency lately is that of CatchTwentyTwo. With his rapid rise in the underground, we had not yet gotten to know him. We figured what better way than a Q&A so you can get inside the head of a creative... one who is not a rapper. Read the Q&A below, and do not expect talks of drip and hoes. This guy is different! His music alone lets you know that, but his mindset is what truly sets him apart!

Q: You have emerged onto the music scene with a rapid pace in terms of your rise. We know you are a musician, but what other crafts and ideas for the underground are you also bringing to the table?

A: "Thats a good question... had to think for a bit. I am grateful for anyone giving me the opportunity to do this or those who listen to my music. I produce and engineer as well as being the artist. I want to bring more nostalgic feelings and vibes to the underground... older sounding music using older vsts and all. I want it to almost be like you're in a different time every time. I want this feeling with each song if I can do it. I also want the listeners to be proud and say, 'I heard of him BEFORE this!'. To have them yelling that to a song I did ghostly falsettos on is a dream come true. We are really pushing!"

Q: How do you feel producing your own beats puts you at an advantage in this industry, and which song do you feel you produced the best that is currently out?

A: "I sampled the first three beats I ever made, and now I'm doing complete ideas by myself. I definitely do think artists who produce themselves are at an advantage. When you are an artist who can produce and engineer, you dont have to wait or rely on anyone else. This lets you work at your own pace... only responsible for yourself. I like the production on 'Set It Off'. The guitars are what I really love about that beat, but my newest song has dx7 on it and I love it also. I feel I almost could have made it a ballad."

Q: What do you feel separates you from the rest of the underground?

A: "Another good question, and to be honest there isnt much! Anyone can do what I do if they attempt to do it. I havent made a dent yet realistically. Its a mentality that you have to have. You have to decide is this my hobby or my lifestyle."

Q: What do you think is vital for an artist to go from hobby to making a living via music?

A: "I think the most important thing for an artist in general is getting out of your comfort zone. Thats when you really have growth!"

Q: In what ways are you pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?

A: "Performing is one way. Anyone can feel bad ass recording in private behind closed doors, but sharing your art in-front of people is something I have just recently started to do. I have anxiety and not in the 'scared all the time' way. I overthink it at times, and it is really easy to go from 'this sounds badass', then showing up at your show and becoming a turtle."

Q: Would you say you help advocate things like mental health with your art seeing as how you deal with some of its pressures and triggers?

A: "Certainly. I dont have many friends where I live. The typical answer of dealing with pressures and triggers is weed and my music. They keep me company. Im alone most of the time. I really want to help people like myself."

Q: When did you begin making music, and what can we expect to be coming from you in the near future?

A: "In all honesty, I have being going through it trying to put a team together. I get called gay for making pop music. In my comments, people call me a hoe for trying to make communities to help the underground. I started really pursuing this less than 3 months ago. You can expect more music though! Also visuals so we can keep the supporters proud and the haters angry!"

Q: Do you truly believe that music heals?

A: "I really do, as cheesy as that sounds. Sometimes I will feel so angry or sad, and then I sit back and relax when I hear about what someone else has gone through or is going through. The story they are telling through their music heals me. It inspires me to do the same thing with mine."

Q: In what ways do you feel you incorporate hip-hop into your sound which you classify as pop?

A: "People say R&B is the cousin of hip-hop.. or the quote is something to that extent. I really want to try to tie the grittiness of hip-hop, elements of its early stages, and use it in my sound like a vessel. Only making pop and R&B or rap and hip-hop isnt for me. I want to find a beautiful balance of both worlds."

Q: This has truly been an amazing Q&A. You touched on a lot of topics in a truly eye opening way, and your mindset is setting you up for nothing but success. Anything you would like to add before concluding your Q&A with us here at SupportArt?

A: "I would just like to thank you guys for being so cool with me and taking the time out to ask me stuff."

With this kind of mindset, we will definitely be covering a lot more of CatchTwentyTwo as 2020 rolls in. Below give his music a stream and also follow him on Twitter HERE to keep up to date with his career or to get involved with the underground communities he is building! You can also find his music on major streaming platforms!