The Breakthrough Of B-L1FE

He has put in the consistent work.since coming back into the underground hip-hop scene last year. This time he began chasing his dream truly alone. He has only been mixing and mastering for around 16 months, and he has already compiled a decent client base from this service which he does offer. However, his earlier works (which are still also on all major platforms) you can tell the equipment and engineering experience were missing. When asked why he keeps the really raw content on his catalog, B told us, "yes its raw but the content and message has always been there, but it also shows my fans my growth and myself as well".

If you have followed B, he has had 3 serious full length projects which have kept a general theme throughout them. In August of 2018, he released the EP 'Reborn' which included features from King Kap, kevspeakstruth, and more alongside production work from Papos, Erock Beats, Philly P, & more. The project overall was a fail due to the absence from music from almost 4 years paired with the struggle to rebrand himself as a whole new artist and business. Shortly after the EP dropped, his collective (us) took off, and we still have not stopped. We release 'ATLAS' at midnight to celebrate SupportArt being 1 year old. Short sidenote: ATLAS is a cypher style track including 8 SA artists in this order: SIROKA, B-L1FE, Quil Smith, RVLA, NOTfree, Fat Daddy J, Psych Ward, and Penny, the Shabba. It will release on Spotify at midnight EST. Anyways, the collective began to feed and grow from and off one member to the next. This did not only pertain to skill sets but also equipment. On July 3rd, 2018, B set out to create a true family... not just a brand. He completed his job. Thanks to SupportArt's creative director, wa55up, B got his interface. He then acquired his interface mic and got started with everything he has released in 2019. Inbetween this time, he released numerous singles onto major platforms in a Russ fashion. Some singles included 'Wait' which was produced by Hyper Chill and 'Bodies' feat. Samuel, GeneralBackPain, & Psych Ward and was also produced by Samuel. He also released two EPs in that span titled 'The Wounds Within' and 'W1TH0UT B0RD3R5'. You can still find all of these songs and much more on all major platforms. One platform B does not keep up to date is his Soundcloud. We here at SA believe putting your music on a platform where non-artists arent listeners and the ability to rip mp3s is a click of the app store away is wasting music and talent.

With mixing in his wheelhouse, and professional equipment he released his debut album 'S1NS' on April 13th, 2019. It is 14 songs in length and including various features including the likes of AB Sku, DizzieDMT, SIROKA, kevspeakstruth, Marc The Prophet, LGND Potential, and more. He showed off his story telling and lyrical capabilities, but something was off. When asked what it was to him he responded, "I truly think it was the engineering being from so many different people. I paid the first engineer and they backed out. Put a down payment on the 2nd and they weren't keeping an open line of communication. Got the ball rolling with the third who engineered most of the album with MUUMIS. But, a few of the songs were a different style then why I chose MUUMIS so SIROKA & wa55up each took a handful of tracks. I feel like three different styles and no true mastering held the project back. I also should have trusted my own engineering which I did with '6/6/6'. In a way S1NS became a rush out of nowhere, and then I had to just send completely raw stems to different engineers. It was a frustrating experience, but a learning one".

This led to the new B. He had been showing it before the release of 'S1NS'. The brand itself began to run more organized, thanks to the help of new leadership positions and people in them like Kaster as the VP, wa55up as the Creative Director, Psych Ward as the head of advertising and scheduling, Yung N ICy as the Executive Producer, SIROKA as the Talent Scout and Promotion Director, and Penny, the Shabba as the Lead Audio Engineer. All of this helped feed the entire team like never before. The roster switched a lot but shortly after 'S1NS', B-L1FE released his sophomore album '6/6/6' on the 30th of June. In 12 tracks, it only included three features (SAYYAS, Alphabyte, and JBadge) and built on the story 'S1NS' told. It also took jabs at the first album, and took some of the questions B has as a person deeper. This album was fully mixed by B himself, and mastered entirely by Penny, the Shabba. The results have been the breakthrough of B as a musician. The outreach from fans has beyond expectations, and the product is professional quality. Again the sonic uniformity is there perfectly like it was with 'S1NS' but it is like the project this time is whole. There is no missing pieces.

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