The 1 Behind The Scenes

DJ/Producer powerhouse DJ OB1 has emerged onto the underground scene in swift fashion. He has built his own bridges and networks throughout that has allowed him to make a name for himself, as well as curate alongside the biggest brands and influencers in the game. We sat down to get to know more about the man mainly behind the scenes. Read our Q&A with DJ OB1 directly below. You can also stream music he is associated with or produced directly below as well.

Q: How did you get into curating?

A: "I started really by connecting with people first on social media. My first time doing a playlist to help spread artists' music was actually on Facebook. I used to go into groups on the internet and post something like, "got 25 slots open for a new playlist Im curating", and random people from all over the world started dropping links. From there, I found two guys to help me with my Facebook playlists. They go by Youself, who is from Syria and Aneeq who is from South Africa. They both help me promote my music through the outlet 20/20 Marketing. After testing out Facebook and connecting with artists on there, I decided to carry on the same idea but via Twitter. On Twitter, I've managed to network with various collectives and artists such as my own group with that list including Creatives Only, SupportArt, GIHP, Plugged In, CWUSA, Glohio, DREAMTHUG666, DJ Xanny, and ATMB Radio. I really enjoy connecting with people and helping artists get exposure. I did have some issues with certain other "DJs" when it came to branching out at first, but overall, I never get pushed back of my work ethic and taste in music. Hopefully, I can meet more people to work with in the near future."

Q: Who or what is the inspiration behind your DJ career?

A: "The love for music is what keeps me going. No one really inspired me to make music really, but I do look up to Ye when it comes to producing. DJ'ing was something I picked up bored while I was living in Memphis, TN back from 2015 to 2016. I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I needed an escape... something stronger than ganja. I needed melodies and loops."

Q: Do you still produce along with being a DJ?

A: "Yes I do. My 2nd album 'Death Penalty' will be coming out in the near future."

Q: Where can fans find your first album?

A: "My first album is available on Datpiff as well as Audiomack."

Q: Who would you say is your favorite mainstream producer at the moment?

A: "Kanye West, and he is the first person I watched on YouTube who sampled and chopped up beats. I was always fond of his ability to make something old new again. I used to use this program called Microsoft Sam to chop up noise samples and create voice memos for my own beats."

Q: What is your favorite thing or group to create samples from?

A: "Old classic horror movies and 90's hood movies are probably my favorite. I enjoy dark shit really."

Q: Who have been your favorite artists to produce for?

A: "Kenny V, Rez, SILLYKING DENNY, Trillbazz, and there are many more but those are just some of the artists at the top of the list."

Q: Who are some artists you hope to be producing for sometime this year?

A: "Anyone with skill honestly. Im not really out here to pick favorites. Any artist who is down to push their music and brand themselves in a honorable fashion, I am willing to work with."

Q: Are you currently affiliated with any brands directly?

A: "I DJ mostly for Creatives Only."

Q: Anything you would like to add before we conclude your Q&A with SupportArt?

A: "Check out my album that will be dropping soon! Go follow me on all social media platforms also."

You Can Follow DJ OB1 on Twitter HERE