That Reel Lxve

Some artists put out music videos and others put out movies. Tony Lxve is an artist that you can expect a movie from everytime. Last time we covered a video of his, it was for his song 'Quarantined Thoughts', and we were very impressed by the effort he and the film/edit team pulled off. That video was shot by the rapidly rising brand/film team known as Reel Bump.

Now Tony Lxve is back with another movie for his song 'Pluto'. Again, he teamed up with Reel Bump, and everyone involved certainly delivered. The video brings high energy (thanks in large part to the features by BigMars & Ashxs) mixed with the 8mm style many have come to expect from Reel Bump video productions. Add a dash of sexy, and this video is easily the best we have seen to date from Tony Lxve. View the video for 'Pluto' directly below and follow the creative on Twitter HERE. Also to be credited would be the producer of the song which is Netuh. The song was engineered by Sproutz Music. In the video description, you can find all of the creatives and models involved along with their social media accounts.