That Classic Vibe

Do you know the song 'Miss My Homies' by Master P? We just assumed everybody knew that classic rap ballad until we were slapped in the face with the reality that even the first millennial born people are now legal adults. If you haven't, stop reading. Go find that song. That vibe is what rap and hip-hop were especially in the nineties.

Now, for the sake of hip-hop, we are going to assume you know who DJ Screw is. If you dont, you may have found your way to the wrong website. If you dont and you meant to be on this site, we ask that you leave. The southern sound alone makes every person think of DJ Screw like they hit the initial buzzer on a game of Family Fued. He was the pioneer behind what we now call chopped and screwed music, and this song sounds like it is directly from his heart.

The newest release from Raz Nein, 'When My Dogs Die', is like the border where the two aforementioned vibes and elements seem to merge. The song title speaks to its context without you having to read much further into it. You almost expect the exact sounds Master P use to deliver in the golden era of No Limit Records when you click play. You do get that context, but now insert DJ Screw. The song has a screwed element throughout that blends perfectly with the content and delivery of Raz. The song was produced by Prod.byGreg, and we are unsure if this was its origin BPM or if adjustments were made pre or post production. This is the first copy of 'When My Dogs Die?' to be released via Raz Nein, so until we see otherwise, this is not a chopped and screwed version. It just bridges a time gap and style gap in hip-hop, allowing the two to meet in a unique harmony that you have to hear to understand.

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