Thank You Preshy

After covering the latest Preshy single we soon found out that he has artists beneath him. They are just as talented and today we spotlight one of those artists... Lil Darb. The song we are featuring is a collaboration with Preshy titled 'Centipede'. We can say this song hits. The beat is very unique and has a catchy melody that matches the lyrical but new age styles that Lil Darb and Preshy both have. The punchlines are very clever. Preshy definitely finds his zone on this one as he transitions from melodic sections to heavier bars. Lil Darb shows off his flow and word play in multiple sections of the song including a nice 8 bar section where he goes berserk in the middle of the song. The trading between Lil Darb and Preshy instead of full verses is a nice switch up when it comes to a collab in general. It is nice to have to listen closer to know who is the one spitting at any given moment. That in itself engages listeners and can keep their ear on the music. The song is good representation of both Lil Darb and the artist we can thank for putting us onto him. Lil Darb has a large catalog and is also featured on the trending Spotify playlist HighOnInternet. Follow him on Instagram HERE and enjoy the single 'Centipede' with Preshy and even more directly below.