TBH Dont Sleep On TBElijah

The song starts with a very familiar tag... 'tell em Lil Penny from the science class said hello!'. This is the producer tag of our head engineer and SA artist Penny the Shabba who produced the newest TBElijah song 'F***ed Up' which features BSM Castro. This song is the definition of a vibe and brings a very new age approach to a simple 808 beat with a very mellow melody. The drops in the beat are exactly what we expect from a Shabba beat and the way TBElijah and BSM use them is superb. The switch between the two artists is very cohesive and they are able to maintain the songs style and identity at all sections. Sometimes artists feature an artist who pulls the song in a different direction simply by coming with a distinctly different sound. There are a few rough parts of the song that we believe would be small things mixed in mixing. They are few and far between as the audio quality of the new single is very good. Listen to 'F***ed Up' and more from TBElijah directly below. We hope to cover more of his drops in the future because TBElijah is the true definition of a creative with a vision. He knows what he wants to present and then he goes and executes. It really is that simple, and we are fans here at SupportArt. To keep tabs on this creative follow him on Twitter HERE.